Adenoid Hypertrophy Awareness

Does your child has mouth breathing & snoring while sleeping?

Does your child has repeated nasal block & nasal discharge?

Did you observe that your child has prominent & protruded upper teeth?

Parents often neglects these symptoms as the child is not having any pain or acute difficulties. But these symptoms may be more problematic in long term point of view.
These symptoms are signs of Adenoid hypertrophy (swollen adenoids).

What is adenoid?

Adenoid is a small lump of lymphoid tissue just like tonsil which is present in the nasopharynx (behind of the nose)

What is adenoid hypertrophy or adenoiditis?

In children, sometimes adenoid enlarges and becomes symptomatic. The reason may be repeated nasal allergy, rhinitis, sinusitis or tonsillitis.

  • Repeated Nasal block and recurrent nasal discharge
  • Snoring & mouth breathing
  • Prominent and protruded upper incisor teeth
If adenoid hypertrophy/adenoiditis is not diagnosed or treated….?

It may lead to disfigurement of face (adenoid facies) due to dental changes, lack of concentration for child especially in academics, persistence of nasal block and nasal discharge affects the routine life of children. Also, it may lead to other heart and lung related diseases.


A simple endoscopy of the nose and nasopharynx will help in visualizing and grading the size of adenoid, which further helps in reviewing the improvements with medications.

  • Medical management with nasal spray usually once in a day which increases the compliance of the children
  • If not controlled with medications, adenoid can be surgically removed using blood less, pain less coblation surgeries.

Dr. Jathin’s extensive study on adenoid hypertrophy children and surgical management with coblation published in the International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery in 2020.